Wanted: data-mining geek

We’re hiring for a brand-new position at Lincoln Center. The title is “Direct Marketing Manager,” but that doesn’t really do it justice – it’s primarily a data-mining and business intelligence job. We’re looking for an all-around analytical thinker who can be creative about using whatever tools (Access, SQL, R, probably stuff I’ve never heard of) are needed to get at the human trends that are really behind the data.

Who buys X performance but not Y performance? Are our performances in discrete groups that tend to be purchased together with little overlap? What does a typical buyer for Z series look like? How many tickets did that brochure sell? Is there any segment of our audience that only buys shows that, say, feature an oboe, or include minor-key works?

It should be a really fun job for the right person. Lots of room to think creatively; not much day-to-day muck to get in the way.

If you’re interested, send us a note at directmarketingmanager@lincolncenter.org.

Update: This position was filled by the extremely capable Michael Ryan Holt.