The New York Times redesigns the magazine again

A few years ago, I was dismayed by one of The Times’s periodic reboots of the Magazine (the one, I believe, that made it smaller and ditched the too-thin-for-that-paper but lovely Stempely Garamond). I wrote them the below.

To the Editor:

I seem to have less of a penchant for change than The Times. Indeed – why write a new letter when an old one will do?

Almost twenty years ago, The Times printed this correspondence from one Patricia Escobar of Los Angeles: “Now you’ve done it. You have blown away the last vestiges of familiarity in this unstable world by changing the format of the Magazine.”

The world in 2011 is no more stable than it was in 1993, Patricia, but perhaps there is familiarity to be found in the fact of yet another new Sunday magazine.

Andrew Shuttleworth

I’m much happier about next week’s redesign.