Ancient courses of the Mississippi River

Look at this gorgeous map, showing the many courses a small section of the Mississippi River has taken through the ages:

Ancient courses of the Mississippi River

I want a print of this for my wall. Follow the link for more of cartographer Bill Rankin’s favorite maps.

The Bézier Game

Bézier curves always make me feel like a hack. I never got the hang of them. This “game” is great.

Why tornado clouds are green

Something I learned today:

Thunderstorms, which can be the home of tornadoes, usually happen later in the day, when the sun is approaching the horizon. That creates a reddish tinge in the sky, as any fan of sunsets knows. But light under a 12-mile-high thundercloud is primarily blue, due to scattering by water droplets within the cloud. When blue objects are illuminated with red light, Bachmeier says, they appear green.

Now you know.

Getting it together with TaskPaper and AppleScript

After all these years, I think I’m finally satisfied with a system for keeping track of my tasks. Here’s what I’m doing.
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Dr. Rockefeller

Richard Rockefeller was killed in a plane crash yesterday morning. He was my pediatrician all through my childhood and one of the kindest people I’ve ever met.

My mother tells me he first examined me when I was about one hour old. Apparently he told her then, “Cheryl, you are going to have the trials and joys of a child who is extremely alert to this world.”

I haven’t seen Dr. Rockefeller for years. Lincoln Center was founded by his uncle John. I wish I had had the chance to tell him I worked here.